ur fully trained, ASE certified auto technicians provide sophisticated, professional, and highly technical repair and maintenance services.

Here are just some of the comprehensive automotive and marine services we offer. For more information or pricing details, please do not hesitate to Contact Us, or fill out our online Information Request Form.

Engine Tune-Up
Expert maintenance tune-ups and engine diagnostic services. Keep your engine working better and longer.


Inspect and repair Brake system. Protect yourself, and your passengers, with high quality brakes drum and rotor resurfacing.

We'll service or replace your current battery, or check the charging and starting systems.

Wheel Alignment
Make sure that your vehicle is safe, your brakes are stable, your tires last longer, and your ride is comfortable.

Shocks & Struts
Keep your vehicle from bouncing after hitting bumps, and prevent excessive wear on your tires and suspension parts.

Oil Change
Increase the performance and life of your engine and transmission. Keep your vehicle's fluids full and clean.

Air Conditioning
A good air conditioning system is a must for hot weather, humid conditions or high pollution levels and for proper defogging.

Cooling System
Coolant protects your engine from freezing or overheating, but its effectiveness can diminish over time.

Preventive Maintenance
A complete line up of preventive maintenance packages. We can help keep your vehicle running at its peak.

Accessory Installation
Alarms, stereos, cruise controls, sunroofs, cellular phones

Bearings and Seals
Complete diagnosis, installation and repair

Belt and Hose Installation
Complete diagnosis and repair by certified technicians

Drive Trains
Installation of CV joints, boots and universal joints

Emission Systems
Diagnosis and repair

Fuel Pumps
Complete diagnosis and repair

Gasket Installation
Complete diagnosis and repair by certified technicians

Heating Systems
Diagnosis, repairs and maintenance

Lighting Installation
Headlights, interior, marker and back-up light repairs

Mount Installation
Motor, transmission and torque mounts

State inspection
Safety and emission inspection

Timing Belts and Chains
Installation and maintenance service

Diagnosis and repair for a well-running engine



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